Fiercely Contemporary, Wonderfully Classic.

Third Citizen Theatre Company is a nonprofit committed to creating politically and socially relevant theatre with a focus on reimagining and re-contextualizing classical works. The ultimate intention of our work is to deliver high-quality productions centered on modern themes to engage and entertain all ages. 

At Third Citizen, we believe in and value artistic excellence, community engagement, and making space/empowering others to create a culturally-competent society educated through the arts.

Third Citizen Theatre Company is committed to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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"I saw Third Citizen's production of Hamlet last year and it was fantastic!! The acting, production, and concept was faithful to Shakespeare and refreshing!!

Adam Cool, Facebook Review - Hamlet


"Tonight's performance was fantastic! I was genuinely moved, and surprised to see the power of theater relatively undiminished even in this format."

Jo Meli, Instagram Comment - Digital Dionysia

"...I can't wait to see what this group does next! Othello was wonderfully acted, used the space creatively, and for a show with 400-year-old spoilers, kept us on the edge of our seats!"

Thera Driscoll, Facebook Review - Othello

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"Woe to the land

that's govern'd by a child."

Third Citizen, Richard III. Act 2, Scene 3, Line 13